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Post by Scout on Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:15 am

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Description: Predators are the top of the food chain in Astrica. They are vicious pack hunters, usually hunting in packs ranging from four to twelve predators, and in rare instances huntsmen have spotted up to forty six of these predators moving together. Predators are built to kill, from their vicious teeth, sharp claws, strong legs, powerful arms, and a spine covered in natural plated armor, the predator is matched by no other hunter. Males are marked by their black protective plating, while females have white protective painting. Their eyes, ears, and nose are covered by the protective plating, which becomes thinner as it approaches those areas to allow those senses to function properly.

Strengths: Extremely fast, can pounce from long distances, can swim, hunts in large packs, deadly claws, deadly teeth.
Weaknesses: Relatively weak when struck in unarmored spots. 

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