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Post by Scout on Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:09 am

Here at EUPRP, we have come a long way in our tale of Mass Effect. Over a year ago, we began in Mass Effect 1, and we followed a strict interpenetration of the story all the way through until the end of Mass Effect 3 (With minor adjustments to fit our server's needs.) Now, in Post-Mass Effect 3, we have introduced a lot of custom things. Companies like Phazton, bringing the Raloi into the galactic community, Krogan rebellions and Turian separatists, the independent Attican Traverse, and many other things of these nature.

While this is obviously custom lore, it's something that we sort of have to do, and the Administration staff and our fantastic Event Team works very hard to make sure that it is still true/plausible within the Universe of Mass Effect. For example, companies like Phazton have existed before, the Raloi actually are canon, Krogans have rebelled before and Turians can be seen often having diverse views of the hierarchy. Yet we have never let ridiculous things that break lore occur on our server. Some examples: 

  • Number of Quarians who can survive without a suit/helmet: 0
  • Number of people that can fire a Widow with no modifications/ isn't a Geth or Krogan and have not been severely injured: 0
  • Number of Volus: 0

We like to stay true to the concrete lore that is within Mass Effect, and we enjoy taking those fundamental concepts and applying them to situations that could occur with the right set of parameters.

However, we are getting further and further away from 2184 and 2186 where our Mass Effect story takes place. Personally, I feel like we will not follow up with a new roleplay in Andromeda because there isn't enough to effectively work with there, and if the community would allow it, we have much to do here in the Milky Way. This is an executive post made by me, I have yet to address my staff or event team (and I will be tomorrow in a staff meeting we are holding.) to discuss these topics, but first I want to know the community's input.

I have created this poll for everyone to put their two cents in, I'd also like for you to mark your name at the final question so that I can speak to whoever I need to if you present good points/good ideas that we can expand on.

As you guys know, we are always looking to do better and better, that's why we do stuff like this.


Click on the link above to take the survey! Thank you for all participants, you are making our community better for everyone.

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