The Swamps of Prayvania

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The Swamps of Prayvania Empty The Swamps of Prayvania

Post by Scout on Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:55 pm

The Swamps of Prayvania 7_mages___swamp_by_hunterkiller-d9vkgcx

" No land is quite as mysterious, as dangerous, and as outright repulsive as the swamps of Prayvania. No traveler nor army should find itself in these lands." - Philagros, Athearan Explorer, 321 BC

The lands that are inhabited by the lizards folk known as the T'a'keaan is shrouded in moth mystery in legend. Characterized by odd trees, muddy water, and countless rivers, the hostile wasteland that is Prayvania only has one species call it home. 

The T'a'keaan (also known as Lizard Folk or Lizard People, as their name is impossible to pronounce in human or elf tongue) have defended this swamp for thousands of years. Their knowledge of every corner of this swamp has made it nearly impossible to invade these lands. Armies and marauders are bogged down by the swamp, lured into traps, and often find themselves lost in the vast swampland. 

However, these swamps are characterized by the same thing characterizes the lizard folk. War. Countless traps leftover from countless wars make these swamps even more dangerous than they are alone.

Odd animals inhabitant these swamps. Rare and unique creatures that could survive no where else. Many of them are as hostile as the lands they live upon.

The Swamps of Prayvania Josh-ketchen-tree-beast-full-size
A tree beast.

Animals such as the tree beasts, who bury their entire bodies and wait for prey to get close. They lure in prey with inciting, fake fruits that grow on its body. Once they are within striking rage, the beast rips itself from the earth, attacking its prey with its brutal strength, rows of sharp claws, or poisonous tentacles that protrude from its mouth. 

The Swamps of Prayvania Crombhala___creature_concept_by_cloister-d3d7k35
A crohala
Huge insect like creatures also call these swamps home. A prime example of this is the crohala, a massive insect with a tough exoskeleton who uses its mandibles and knife like hands to cut and grip any prey it can get its hands on. 

The Swamps of Prayvania 76ae321654961daa3e1fca0082c91bc5--fantasy-landscape-fantasy-art

Many things are unknown about the swamps of Prayvania. Most of this is due to those who enter never leave. Even for the lizard folk who have mastered living in this hostile territory - life is dangerous. Constant warring and little to no government makes this land lawless in every sense of the word. Whoever travels here should be well prepared to fight for their lives, and possibly never come home.

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